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Updated November 11, 2019  

Attached are the draws for the Thursday open league. The Thursday open league has 8 teams, so there will be no byes.  

Thursday open league teams with 50 points or less with all male players are eligible for men’s playdowns, contingent on their final record. If an all-male team with less than 50 points plays with a female sub, or with a male sub that takes their points over 50, then that game is considered a forfeit for playdown purposes, but may be a win for Thursday open league standings.  

The Thursday open league is a 14 week season and every team will pay each opponent twice.  For the second half of the season, the outside sheets and inside sheets are reversed, such that you will not play the same team on the same sheet, and each team will have an equal number of games on the outside sheets and inside sheets.  

The draw for the Wednesday Men’s League (Doc Curtis Event) is also attached.  

For the first week of the Wednesday Men’s League, these teams play at 5:45 PM:  










For the first week, these teams play at 8:00 PM:  








Skips please inform your team of the time of the first game.  

Paper copies of the draws will be available on the first night of curling.


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